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Heritage Newsletter
Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Bo

This Friday, January 19 Mincha will be at 4:35 PM

Candle lighting will be at 4:31 PM

Three-minute video from the Shmuz Parshas Bo: I`m Never Wrong



Kidush is sponsored by Rita And Mordechai Sofovich on occasion of Berel`s Bar Mitzvah

Mincha on Shabbos, January 20 will be at 4:20 PM

Shabbos ends at 5:42 PM

Quote of the Week

Ester Leah Volinsky
January 17
Ariel Aharon Turik
January 19
Rochel Gertsberg
January 22
Isabel Kucher
January 23
Beba Avrutina
Beba bas Volf
January 23
Sherry Dimarsky
Sarah Chana bas Naftoli
January 16
Vladimir Kelrikh
Velvel ben Moshe
January 22
Boris Levit
Boruch ben Betzalel
January 19

For more details call Heritage 773-973-1800

This week's Torah reading


Pharaoh finally sends the Beney Yisrael out of Egypt. HaShem leads the Jewish People towards Erets Yisrael with pillars of clouds and fire on a circuitous route which avoids the Plishtim (Philistines).

Pharaoh regrets the loss of so many slaves and chases the Jews with his army. The Beney Yisrael are very afraid as the Egyptians draw close, but HaShem protects them. Moshe raises his staff, and HaShem splits the sea, enabling the Beney Yisrael to cross safely.

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