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Dvarim - Words.

ImageThis weekly portion begins the last of the Five Books of The Torah, the book of  Devarim.

As the Jews neared the land of Canaan (future Israel), Moshe reviewed for them the events and experiences they had encountered during their years in the wilderness. He recalled how at Mount Choreb(Sinai), God had commanded them to break camp and march toward their destination, the land of Canaan. The people had been dismayed by the pessimistic report of the Meraglim(Spies) and complained against God. Consequently, this loss of faith resulted

 Laws of the Three Weeks of Mourning
The following are halachos of conduct between the evening 17 Tamuz till the evening of Rosh Chodesh Av. After this date halacha is more strict.
  1. All the restrictions of the fast and 3 weeks except those of eating and drinking start with sunset of 17 of Tamuz.
  2. Dancing and playing musical instruments is forbidden
  3. One who earns a living by playing for non-Jews may do so
  4. Singing without music is allowed
  5. We refrain from buying things or wearing garments that require brocha Shehecheyanu (this includes expansive object or new fruit)
  6. Simple things like socks, shoes, shirts etc. are allowed
  7. We don’t take haircuts, shaving any parts of the body. Shaving legs for women is permitted
  8. We don’t give haircuts to children as well
  9. If a person shaves for reasons of  business, can continue doing so
  10. Cutting nails is allowed
  11. Swimming is allowed until the beginning of month of Av
  12. We should be VERY CAREFUL not to scream or hit children
  13. If there is no health danger, try to avoid scheduling medical procedures (surgery etc.) during 3 weeks


Saturday, August 2, 11:00 AM
by Anya Indman on occasion of Yuriy's Birthday
Fast of 9th of Av
Monday, August 4, 9:00 PM
The fast commemorating the destruction of our Temple
Saturday, August 23, 11:00 AM
by Vladimirskiys & Goizmans on occasion of Eli and Eitan are turning 8!

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