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Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Teruma

This Friday, February 16 Mincha will be at 5:10 PM
Candle lighting will be at 5:07 PM

Kidush is sponsored by Natan And Galya Shir on occasion of the birthday of Raphael Gidon

Mincha on Shabbos, February 17 will be at 5:00 PM
Shabbos ends at 6:18 PM
Shmuel Leib Dimarsky
February 19
Miriam Dimarsky
February 19
Vlad Tokarskiy
February 22
Chana Indman
February 22
Sonya Dymerskaya
Shifra bas Elia
February 16
Eliezer Pesin
Eliezer ben Eliyahu
February 18
The Hewbrew Hammer

Preview from the folowing article:

For each of his four competitive runs, AJ will stand at the starting gate and put on his gloves that read: Am Yisrael Chai – "the Jewish nation lives." He will then recite from King David`s Psalms before heading down the icy track.



The Hebrew Hammer`s Amazing Path to the Winter Olympics

Representing the State of Israel in the Skeleton Sled competition, AJ Edelman puts his Torah-observance above all. 

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Laying on a tiny sled, he hurtles head-first down an icy track at 80 miles per hour. His face rests precariously 2 inches from the ice. His sled has no brakes.

This is the adrenaline-charged sport of Skeleton.

Meet AJ Edelman, nicknamed the Hebrew Hammer – a 26-year-old graduate of MIT, and presumably the first Orthodox Jew ever to compete in the Olympic Games.

Read the full article here...

For more details call Heritage 773-973-1800

This week's Torah reading


HaShem tells Moshe to command the Jewish People to supply pure olive oil for the Menorah in the Mishkan (Tent of Meeting). He also tells Moshe to organize the making of the Bigdey Kehunah (priestly garments): a breastplate, an Ephod, a robe, a checkered tunic, a turban, a sash, a forehead-plate and linen trousers. Upon their completion, Moshe is to perform a ceremony for seven days to consecrate Aharon and his sons.

This includes offering sacrifices, dressing Aharon and his sons in their respective garments, and anointing Aharon with oil.

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