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There will be a boys oneg for 9th grade and up at Rabbi Agishtein`s house this Friday night at 8:30pm.


There will be no Kids program at Heritage this Shabbos Morning   


Kiddush is sponsored by Dr. and Dr. Schwarcz on occasion of their son`s Arye`s Aufruf. Mazal Tov!


Special Chanukah Father and Son learning will be Motzei Shabbos at 6:30 PM. The PIZZA will be served after the learning.

This week Father and Son learning is sponsored by Khvilovsky Family. Thank you!  


Heritage Chanukah Party this Sunday, December 5 at 6 PM at Young Israel of Northbrook, 3545 Walters Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062


We are looking for several adult and teenage volunteers to assist us with setting up, running the game stations and cleaning up after the Heritage Chanukah Party. Please contact Angela at if you are available. 


Rosh Chodesh Tevet Lecture for women - Sunday, December 12 at 8:30 PM: 

Speaker: Mrs. Tzorti Steinmetz 

Topic:  Light in the Dark of Winter


 Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 973 545 6756

 Password: 5781 


If you missed any happy occasions in a past several months or have upcoming simcha, please consider to sponsor Kiddush or Seuda Shlishis and celebrate it with all of us! Please let Heritage office know at if you would like to sponsor Kiddush or any other programs. 

Rabbi Agishtein`s Halacha Corner


My kids make a new Menorah every year and as cute as they are they begin to create a lot of clutter. Can I throw them out in the regular garbage or do they have to be put in Shaimos? 



 When it comes to the disposal of your Chanukah things there are three basic categories. 


Items that were intended to be used for the Mitzvah but in the end were not needed, such as oil left in the bottle and wicks and candles that were never used. These items have no Kedusha (sanctity) at all and can be disposed of or used as you wish (מ”ב ס’ תרעז). 

Items that were used for the actual Mitzvah, such as oil leftover in the cups, used wicks and candle stubs. These have the status of Tashmishi Mitzvah and can only be disposed of in a respectful manner. Many have a custom to make a small fire after Chanukah and burn them, otherwise, they can be wrapped in plastic and placed in the garbage.

The Menorah itself technically has no sanctity, because one does not perform the Mitzvah with the Menorah per se but rather with the candles or the wicks within it. That being said, since it was used as an accessory to a Mitzvah it would be proper to wrap it in a bag or plastic before throwing it. It does not, however, need to be put in Shaimos (קו”ה הל’ חנוכה). 


To send in a question, call or text Rabbi Agishtein at 973-545-6756 or email him directly at 


Weekly Torah

It is two years later. Pharaoh has two ominous and enigmatic dreams. He is not satisfied with any of the interpretations that are offered to explain them. Pharaoh`s wine chamberlain belatedly remembers that Yosef accurately interpreted his dream while they were imprisoned together, and Yosef is immediately released. Yosef interprets that within a short time there will be seven years of unusual abundance, followed by seven years of extraordinarily severe famine. Yosef suggests to Pharaoh that he appoint a wise and discerning man to harness the years of plenty in preparation for the years of famine. 

Pharaoh, recognizing the spirit of God in Yosef, appoints him as viceroy to oversee the entire project. Pharaoh gives Yosef an Egyptian name, Tsofnat-Pane’ach, and selects Osnat, Yosef`s ex-master`s daughter, as Yosef`s wife. As a result of Yosef`s plan, Egypt becomes the granary of the world during the famine. Yosef has two sons, Menasheh and Efrayim. Ya’akov, hearing that there is food in Egypt, sends his sons to buy provisions. In Egypt, the brothers come before Yosef and bow down before him, fulfilling his prophecy. Yosef recognizes them immediately, but they do not recognize him in his new incarnation as viceroy of Egypt. Mindful of his prophetic dreams, Yosef plays the part of an Egyptian overlord and acts towards them harshly, accusing them of being foreign spies. After interrogating them, Yosef sells them food, but keeps Shimon hostage until they bring their youngest brother Binyamin to him as a proof of their honesty. Yosef commands his servants to place the purchase-money on top of the food in each of their sacks. On the return journey, when feeding their donkeys, they discover the money and their hearts sink. They return to their father Ya’akov and retell everything that has happened.

At first Ya’akov refuses to let Binyamin go down to Egypt, but when the famine grows unbearably harsh, he accedes. Yehudah guarantees Binyamin`s safety, and the brothers including Binyamin return to Egypt. After inquiring about his father`s welfare, Yosef welcomes the brothers lavishly as honoured guests. However, when he sees Binyamin he can barely control his emotions and rushes from the room and weeps. Yosef secretly instructs his servants to again replace the money in the sacks, and in addition, to put his goblet inside Binyamin`s sack. When the goblet is discovered, Yosef demands that Binyamin become his slave as a punishment. Yehudah, remembering his promise to his father, interposes and offers himself instead, but Yosef refuses.

Shabbos Information

This week`s Torah chapter is Miketz - Chanukah

This Friday, December 3 Mincha will be at 4:05 PM

Candle lighting will be at 4:01 PM

Shabbos, December 4

Shabbos Morning class by Rabbi Agishtein and Rabbi Zaslavsky will be at 8:30 AM

Shachris will be at 9:00 AM

There will be NO Heritage kids program 

Kiddush is sponsored by Dr. and Dr. Schwarcz on occasion of their son`s Arye`s Aufruf

 sponsor Kiddush

Shabbos Class of Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Zusis will meet at 3:00 PM

Mincha on Shabbos will be at 3:50 PM

sponsor Seuda Shlishis

Maariv will be at 5:01 PM

Shabbos ends at 5:11 PM

Father and Son learning will be at 6:30 PM


Weekly Schedule



Sunday 8:15 AM
Mon-Friday 7:00 AM

Avraham Vladimirskiy
December 5
Yitzi Shilkrot
December 6
Nochum Isser Gendelman
December 6
Innessa Donskoy
December 7
Steve Savy
December 8
Lena Goizman
December 9
Cnana Leah Stesel
December 9
Igor and Leah Trilisky
December 2
Igor and Alla Stavnitser
December 3
Isaac Trilisky
Yitzchok ben Yaakov
December 3 
Machlya Titievskaya
Machlya bas Nuchim
December 3
 Boruch Reznikov
Boruch ben Leib
December 7
Simcha Lapushin
Simcha ben Reuven
December 9


This week's Torah reading


With the discovery of the goblet in Binyamin's sack, the brothers are frozen in confusion. Yehudah alone steps forward and eloquently but firmly petitions Yosef for Binyamin's release, offering himself in his stead. As a result of this act of total selflessness, Yosef finally has irrefutable proof that his brothers are different people from the ones who cast him into the pit, and so, he now reveals to them that he is none other than their brother Yosef.

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