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What Brocho should one make on frozen wine popsicles?


The Brocho on most fruit juices is Shehakol. Wine and grape juice, however, are given a special status and the Brocho of Hagafen is made instead.  

The Poskim (פרמ”ג פתי’ להל’ ברכות) debate whether frozen wine is still considered wine and Hagafen should be made or if it is now viewed as a food and a Shehakol should be made instead, just like one would make on any other fruit derivative.

Rav Elyashiv ruled that it would depend on how one eats the frozen wine. If one sucks on the popsicle then it can still be seen as wine since they are still technically drinking it. Whereas if one chewed on it, as they would a food, it would be Shehakol. 

The opinions of Rav S.Z Aurbach & Rav M. Feinstein, however, was that the Brocho of Hagafen is always made and that is the Psak of Dayan Fuerst.     

In regards to the Brocho Achrona, since one will generally not consume the amount of a Rivies of the popsicle in the requisite time frame, a Brocho Achrona should not be made.

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Weekly Torah

Ten generations have passed since the time of Noach. Man has descended to lower spiritual depths. In the year 1948 after the Creation, Avram is born. Through observing the world, Avram comes to the inescapable Truth of HaShem`s existence, and thus merits that HaShem reveals Himself to him. At the beginning of this week`s Parashah, HaShem tells Avram to leave his land, his relatives and his father`s house and travel to an unknown land where HaShem will make him into a great nation. Avram leaves, taking with him his wife Sarahy, his nephew Lot, their servants, and those who he converted to faith in HaShem.

When they reach the land of Canaan, HaShem appears to Avram and tells him that this is the land that He will give to his descendants. A famine ensues and Avram is forced to relocate to Egypt to find food. Realising that his wife`s beauty would cause his death at the hand of the Egyptians, Avram tells her to say that she is his sister. Sarahy is taken to the Pharaoh, but HaShem afflicts the Pharaoh and his court with severe plagues and she is released unmolested.

Avram returns to Erets Yisrael (Canaan) with much wealth given to him by the Egyptians. After a quarrel over grazing rights breaks out between their shepherds, Lot decides to part ways with his uncle Avram. Lot chooses to live in the rich but corrupt city of Sedom in the fertile plain of the Jordan. A war breaks out between the kings of the region, and Sedom is defeated. Lot is taken captive. Together with a handful of his converts, Avram rescues Lot, miraculously overpowering vastly superior forces, but demurs from accepting any of the spoils of the battle. In a prophetic covenant, HaShem reveals to Avram that his offspring will be exiled to a strange land where they will be oppressed for 400 years, after which they will emerge with great wealth and return to Erets Yisrael, their irrevocable inheritance.

Sarahy is barren and gives Hagar, her Egyptian hand-maiden, to Avram in the hope that she will provide them with a child. Hagar becomes arrogant when she discovers that she is pregnant. Sarahy deals harshly with her, and Hagar flees. On the instruction of an angel Hagar returns to Avram and gives birth to Yishmael. The Parashah concludes with HaShem commanding Avram to circumcise himself and his offspring throughout the generations as a covenant between HaShem and his seed. HaShem changes Avram`s name to Avraham, and Sarah`s name to Sarah. HaShem promises Avraham a son, Yitschak, despite Avraham being ninety-nine years old and Sarah ninety. On that day, Avraham circumcises himself, Yishmael and all his household.

Arkadiy Galper
Aizik ben Tevel
November 3 
Klara Bolotina
Klara chaya bas Yitzchak
November 3
Semyon Belson
Semyon ben Avraham
November 4
Saveliy Olshansky
Tzali ben Yehoshua Mendel
November 8


Shabbos Information

This week`s Torah chapter is Lech Lecha

This Friday, November 4

Candle lighting will be at 5:21 PM

Mincha will be at 5:25 PM

Shabbos, November 5

Shabbos Morning class by Rabbi Agishtein and Rabbi Zaslavsky will be at 8:30 AM

Shachris will be at 9:00 AM

Heritage kids program will be from 9:30 AM to 11 AM

Rabbi Zuckerman 10-minute class for kids and adults right after Shachris

Kiddush is sponsored by the Grinin Family on occasion of Alexey`s birthday

sponsor Kiddush

Father and Son learning will be at 4:15 PM

There will be NO Shabbos Class of Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Zusis this week

Mincha will be at 5:10 PM

sponsor Seuda Shlishis

Maariv will be at 6:20 PM

Shabbos ends at 6:30 PM

Shulamis Turetsky
November 3
Elisheva Vladimirskiy
November 4
Sherry Dimarsky
November 5
Elliot Vistman
November 5
Sheina Stavnitser
November 5
Michael Stesel
November 6
Leo Goykhman
November 6
Leah Stavnitser
November 8
Shayna Goykhman
November 10
Ilya and Natasha Birman
November 10


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