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Condolences to Anya Mogilevsky on the loss of her grandfather,
Mottle ben Bluma
Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Ha`azinu

This Friday, September 24 Mincha will be at 6:30 PM

Candle lighting will be at 6:24 PM

Kiddush sponsorship for this week is available

Mincha on Shabbos, September 25 will be at 6:15 PM

Shabbos ends at 7:33 PM
Parsha in a Nutshell

 The greater part of the Torah reading of Haazinu (“Listen In”) consists of a 70-line “song” delivered by Moses to the people of Israel on the last day of his earthly life.

Calling heaven and earth as witnesses, Moses exhorts the people, “Remember the days of old / Consider the years of many generations / Ask your father, and he will recount it to you / Your elders, and they will tell you” how G‑d “found them in a desert land,” made them a people, chose them as His own, and bequeathed them a bountiful land. The song also warns against the pitfalls of plenty—“Yeshurun grew fat and kicked / You have grown fat, thick and rotund / He forsook G‑d who made him / And spurned the Rock of his salvation”—and the terrible calamities that would result, which Moses describes as G‑d “hiding His face.” Yet in the end, he promises, G‑d will avenge the blood of His servants, and be reconciled with His people and land.

The Parshah concludes with G‑d’s instruction to Moses to ascend the summit of Mount Nebo, from which he will behold the Promised Land before dying on the mountain. “For you shall see the land opposite you; but you shall not go there, into the land which I give to the children of Israel.”

Source: Chabad.org

Ester Meyerson
September 20
Levi Mendel Khvilovsky
September 20
Eli Berkovich
September 23
Benjamin Moshe Feinstein
September 24
Menachem Mendel Birman
September 24
Sofiya Kelrikh
Sheina Raizel bas Shimon
September 23
Anna Obodyanik
Chana bas Yakov
September 21
Shabbos Halacha

Lighting Shabbos Candles: The Wrong Blessing

If you said the blessing for Jewish festival candles instead of for Shabbat candles:

Women may not correct themselves, but

Men may say the correct blessing and light the candles.

NOTE If the man has already lit the candles before realizing that he had said the incorrect blessing, he should:

Extinguish the candles,

Say the correct blessing, and then

Light again (assuming he has not yet started Shabbat and that it is not yet sunset).

Source: practicalhalacha.com

Simchas Torah information
As we did in the past, we invite everyone to participate in our Simchas Torah celebration.

Dinner is by RSVP only. Please let us know if you would like to join us for Simchas Torah Dinner. Cost of the dinner: per adult. Kids 6-12 , 0-5 are free. Pay with PayPal here

Lunch is sponsored by the Freydin family in honor of Julies birthday.

Chicago Chesed Fund

“Kindness” is our middle name – literally.

We call ourselves the Chicago Chesed Fund because Chesed is the Hebrew word for kindness, and that’s what we are all about.

For 25 years, we’ve remained committed to helping Jewish families in crisis throughout metropolitan Chicago by providing immediate assistance.  

We opened our doors in 1987 with food distribution and financial assistance programs to 35 families. 

Today, our more than 20 programs and services provide vital assistance to over 3,000 individuals a year. Our original budget of $100,000 has since grown to over $4 million.

shoesOur 44,000-square-foot “warehouse of kindness” in Lincolnwood has served as our headquarters since 2005. We offer a wide array of programs and services, aimed at battling hunger, preventing eviction and homelessness, and providing needy families with basics such as furniture and clothing. Our flagship program is our food pantry, which has helped us become one of the largest food distribution centers in northern Cook county. 

We aren’t just another social services organization. 

Our response is immediate, coming only hours after a request for assistance is made. 

We realize the importance of maintaining our clients’ dignity, and offer assistance with sensitivity and discretion.  

We are dedicated to addressing the specific cultural needs of the Chicago Jewish community – such as the need for kosher food, a Jewish education, and access to culturally appropriate care and resources.

Today, the Chicago Chesed Fund serves Jewish families throughout the city of Chicago, primarily in the Rogers Park, Peterson Park, and Albany Park neighborhoods, and some northern suburbs. 

Over the last quarter of a century, we’ve made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of Jewish families throughout the city of Chicago. We’ve helped them put food on the table, clothe their children and pay their mortgage – and get back on the road to self-sufficiency. 

In short, we’ve helped strengthen the very fabric of our Jewish community.

Yet, in recent years, the economic climate has led to a significant increase in demand for our services.  Even as we continue to expand to meet this need, we remain true to the vision of our founders – to offer personalized, immediate assistance to those in need.

To learn more about our services or to volunteer please visit our website: www.chicagochesedfund.org

Call our main number 847-679-7799

Car donations

General donations

Food Pantry

Food Porch Family G'mach – Clothing, Books, Toys, Baby Equipment


Interest-Free Loans  


Simcha Link Matchmaking Service www.simchalink.org

For other services, please call these direct numbers:

Eviction Prevention (Arevim) 

773-242-9318 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Job Link  

773-866-1111 /www.joblinkchicago.org

Linen (Bed, Bath and Chesed)  


Medical Supplies (Routberg Memorial)  


Bridal Gowns & Headpieces (Ateres Chaya)  


Bridal Showers (Ginot Shoshana)  


Centerpieces (Prop-A-Party)  


Chair & Table Lend (Simcha Lend)  


Crinoline G'mach  


Gowns Rentals for Immediate Family (Jane Webster Simcha Boutique)  


Maternity Gown G'mach  


, for: