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Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Eikev

Four-minute video from the Shmuz Parshas Eikev: Limiting Beliefs


This Friday, August 11, 2017 Mincha will be at 7:40 PM
Candle lighting will be at 7:36 PM
Kidush is sponsored by the Meyerson Family to wish all the families a successful, peaceful and productive school year.
Mincha on Shabbos, August 12, 2017 will be at: 7:25 PM
Shabbos ends at: 8:55 PM
Some Inspiration

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."

--Winston Churchill

For more inspiration and a deep discussion of how to use Life-transforming moments, listen to or watch The Shmuz #198: Life Transforming Moments.

Naomi Turetsky
August 10
Alexander Meyerson
August 11
Ayala Brocha Polatsek
August 13
Perel Dimarsky
August 14
Eitan Goizman
August 16
Eliyahu Nachum Vladimirskiy
August 17
Talia Malka Korneyev
August 20
Alex and Yocheved Isaacson
August 14

A Bit of Humor!

A man is being led into the Moskovitz auditorium. He asks,
- Is this auditorium named after the great composer Henry Moskovitz?

The usher answers,
- No, it`s named after the great writer Sol Moskovitz.

The man says,
- I`ve never heard of him, what did he write?

The usher answers,
- A check!


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