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Julia Pesin`s and Leib`s Vort will be:

Sunday, October 29th at 5 pm

At Heritage

Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Noach

Two-minute video Parshas Noach: Cheaters Never Prosper


This Friday, October 20, 2017 Mincha will be at 5:45 PM
Candle lighting will be at 5:41 PM
Kiddush sponsorship for this week is available
Mincha on Shabbos, October 21, 2017 will be at: 5:30 PM
Shabbos ends at: 6:50 PM
A Bit of Humor!

We wouldn`t be a Russian shul without an occasional math joke :)

  What did One say to Zero? 
  You make me ten times stronger!

  What did Zero say to One?
  I am nothing wihtout you!

Leah Trilisky
October 21
Nina Chava Donskoy
October 21
Chana Gutkin
October 26
Gershon Burd
Gershon Binyomin ben Eliezer
October 22

Kiddush Sponsorship
The new Kidush Calendar is up on the Heritage website. Please click here to sign up to sponsor kidush for your special occasions. Click on the Dates and Times tab to see available weeks.
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