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Mazal tov to Shavuos night learnng winners and everyone who participated in the learning.

The winners are: Esti Vladimirskiy, Rina Vladimirskiy, Berel Sofovich and Michael Khodos!

May the merit of all the Torah learning they enabled be a source of blessing, health and happiness to them and all of Klal Yisroel.  

Shabbos Information

This week`s Torah chapter is Naso

This Friday, June 5 Mincha will be at 8:00 PM

Candle lighting will be at 8:04 PM

Shachtis on Shabbos, June 6 will be at 9:00 AM

Mincha/Maariv on Shabbos, June 6 will be at 8:00 PM

Shabbos ends at 9:25 PM

Weekly Torah

The Torah assigns the exact Mishkan-related tasks to be performed by the sons of Gershon, Kehat and Merari, the Beney Levi. A census reveals that over 8,000 men are ready for such service. All those who are ritually impure are to be sent out of the encampments. If a person confesses that he wrongfully retained his neighbour`s property after having sworn to the contrary in court, he has to pay an additional fifth of the base-price of the object, and bring a guilt offering to atone for his transgression. In the event that the claimant has already passed away without heirs, the payments are made to a Kohen. In certain circumstances, a husband who suspects that his wife had been unfaithful brings his wife, a Sotah, to a Kohen. The Kohen prepares a drink of water mixed with a certain dust and a special ink that was used for inscribing HaShem`s Name on a piece of parchment. If she is indeed innocent, the potion does not harm her -- in fact it brings a blessing of children. However, if she is guilty, she suffers a supernatural death.

A Nazir is someone who voluntarily vows to dedicate himself to HaShem for a specific period of time. He is obliged to abstain from all grape products, let his hair grow and avoid all contact with corpses. At the end of this period, he shaves his head and brings special offerings in the Temple before returning to normal life. If he fails to successfully complete his count, he needs to begin the count anew after shaving his head and bringing an offering in the Temple. The Kohanim are commanded to bless the people. The Mishkan is completed and dedicated on the first day of Nissan in the second year after the Exodus. The Princes of each Tribe make a communal gift to help transport the Mishkan, as well as donating identical individual gifts of gold, silver, animal and meal offerings.

Inspirational Quote
Rachel Sofovich
June 5
Michoel Donskoy
June 7
Yankel Muchnik
June 7
Daniel Lev Kalika
June 8
Moshe Yisroel Volinsky
June 9
Dora Imas
June 10
Lev and Anna Talyansky
June 6
Dovid and Julie Freydin
June 9


Shabbos Halacha

Shabbat: Blotting Hair

You may blot your hair with a towel on Shabbat as long as you don’t squeeze or wring out your hair.

Source: practicalhalacha.com

Rabbi Agishtein`s Halacha Corner


This Week`s Question:

I was told that when peeling vegetables for a salad being served at the Shabbos day meal I cannot do so in advance. Practically speaking how much before the meal can I begin and if I have a lot of things that need peeling can I begin earlier?



First of all you are correct, vegetables and fruit cannot be peeled in advance (see שו”ע שכא:יט’ בהג”ה). A lot of people tend to forget this and prepare vegetables for the Shabbos day meal before going to Shul and it is a big issue.

In regards to when one can begin, there is no set amount of time. It is based on the amount of time one estimates that they will need in order to finish all the preparation necessary for the meal before the meal begins. If one has a lot of food that needs to be prepped they can start earlier. For example if it takes someone an hour to make an egg salad, they can begin preparing an hour before the meal. (אגרו"מ ח"ד ס` עד).

To send in a question, call or text Rabbi Agishtein at 973-545-6756 or email him directly at acagishtein@gmail.com.
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