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Anniversaries are natural occasions for remembrance. The anniversary of the passing of someone near and dear, the yahrzeit, is no exception. It evokes bittersweet emotions. Echoes of voices long silenced are still heard. Images of experiences once shared crowd in upon us. Smiling faces, never fully erased from our memory, capture our attention. Special gestures, special customs, special scenes are especially vivid on yahrzeit days. We relive pleasant occasions, and, sadly, relive times of sadness too. When it is possible to do so, we visit the graves of our loved ones at such times, allowing our stream of consciousness to join us to them through the miracle of memory.

But the yahrzeit of a person near and dear to us is more than just an occasion for sentiment and sadness. It reestablishes links, which transcend the passing of time, links that are forged by the ongoing acceptance of responsibility for those we love – even beyond the grave.

Our tradition maintains that the initial judgment of our loved ones takes place within twelve month of their passing. However, it also holds that the elevation of their souls at that time is not final. Through our continued commitment to our faith and our unceasing pursuit of good deeds, we help assure their continued progress through the heavenly spheres, enhancing their existence as they draw ever nearer to God – the Source of all existence. Our tradition also says that the spiritual progression of our beloved departed takes place in annual stages, and that their progress is determined on each yahrzeit.

Customs of observing Yahrzeit

A candle should burn in every residence where the yahrzeit is observed. It should be kindled in the evening, burn for the entire next day until it goes out on its own. Special “yahrzeit candles” are sold at Jewish book and food stores. Many people fast on the yahrzeit of their parents. It is customary to have a Memorial prayer recited in the synagogue. Try to visit the cemetery and recite special prayers. If possible, arrange a Torah study group at home on the day of yahrzeit. You should try to attend a synagogue and say Kadish on the day of the yahrzeit, or at least ask somebody to say Kadish on behalf of your grandmother. When saying Kadish you should have in mind the Jewish name and the father’s name of the deceased. Send donation in memory of the deceased.

Our Synagogue has Memorial Board with plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the Hebrew date of death.

If you need assistance in conducting a Yahrzeit service please contact our Synagogue.

Last NameHebrew NameDateHebrew Date
BelskyRivka bas GershonTuesday, May 1, 201816 Iyyar
BenderskayaSofia bas NesanelSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
BerkmanYakov ben YitzchokMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
BezzubovPeysach ben GedaliaSunday, May 13, 201828 Iyyar
BlyumenkrantsAron ben YosefSunday, May 13, 201828 Iyyar
BolotinWolf ben YosephTuesday, May 15, 20181 Sivan
BondarMalkah bas PinchasFriday, May 4, 201819 Iyyar
BuhgalterChaya bas GirshWednesday, May 16, 20182 Sivan
DarerEster bas AvrahamYitzchakMonday, April 23, 20188 Iyyar
DavydovaSura bas YeshiaTuesday, May 22, 20188 Sivan
DonskayaKlara bas EliaWednesday, May 16, 20182 Sivan
EisenbergLeib ben ShlomoTuesday, May 22, 20188 Sivan
EppelYelena bas BorisSunday, April 29, 201814 Iyyar
FaynRoza bas MichailThursday, May 17, 20183 Sivan
FiksLidiya bas FilipThursday, May 17, 20183 Sivan
FilinAnya bas ChonaThursday, April 26, 201811 Iyyar
FishkinRiva bas MoiseyMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
GinzburgYelena bas DovidSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
GlebitskayaSofia bas WolfTuesday, May 22, 20188 Sivan
GrosfilerYelena bas GershonSunday, May 6, 201821 Iyyar
KaganovaChana bas AvrahamSaturday, May 19, 20185 Sivan
KantorovichFaina bas GershonTuesday, May 15, 20181 Sivan
KatzJoseph ben MatveySaturday, May 19, 20185 Sivan
KemelLeah bas YonaMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
KhodarkovskyKlara bas MosheSunday, May 6, 201821 Iyyar
KholodenkoGalina bas AlexanderSaturday, May 12, 201827 Iyyar
KishinevskayaChana Devorah bas LeizerTuesday, April 24, 20189 Iyyar
KomornikGolda bas MoiseiMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
KozarovitskyMaya bas ItzchakFriday, May 4, 201819 Iyyar
KupershmidtIsrael ben ZusWednesday, April 25, 201810 Iyyar
KurtzmanLeonid ben YakovSunday, May 6, 201821 Iyyar
LibmanKlara bas YisroelSaturday, April 28, 201813 Iyyar
LozovskyElla bas IosifFriday, May 4, 201819 Iyyar
MargulisVladimir ben BentzionThursday, May 3, 201818 Iyyar
MatzMoshe Gershon ben YitzchokFriday, May 18, 20184 Sivan
MedvinskiyYuriy ben AlexandeerSunday, May 13, 201828 Iyyar
MincuZinaida bas SamuilMonday, May 21, 20187 Sivan
MisionzhnikIda bas ElchononThursday, April 26, 201811 Iyyar
MorgenshternMaria bas Thursday, May 10, 201825 Iyyar
MurovannySemen ben MatveySunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
PerelLeontiy ben YakovSaturday, May 19, 20185 Sivan
PerkasSlava bas MottleSaturday, May 12, 201827 Iyyar
PestunovichEster bas GershSunday, May 6, 201821 Iyyar
PolishchukYakov ben EfraimTuesday, May 1, 201816 Iyyar
RadovskiyAkiva ben YosefSunday, April 29, 201814 Iyyar
RapoportBluma ben AvrahamWednesday, May 16, 20182 Sivan
RapoportZalman ben ZundelSunday, May 20, 20186 Sivan
ReyfmanSofia bas ZusSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
ReyfmanAbram ben DavidSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
RokhlenkoNaum ben GershSaturday, April 28, 201813 Iyyar
SakovichEster bas YosefFriday, April 27, 201812 Iyyar
ShapiroYakov ben EliezerFriday, April 27, 201812 Iyyar
ShechtmanEliezer ben ShulimWednesday, May 2, 201817 Iyyar
SheynmanAvraham ben AharonSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
ShifYakov ben MaximWednesday, May 2, 201817 Iyyar
ShklyarSofia bas AlterThursday, April 26, 201811 Iyyar
ShpritsRoald ben AronMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
ShtarkmanIosif ben LazarTuesday, May 1, 201816 Iyyar
ShteynIgor ben AlterTuesday, April 24, 20189 Iyyar
ShvetsChaim ben NatanFriday, May 11, 201826 Iyyar
TaranLev ben LeonidMonday, April 23, 20188 Iyyar
TetelmanMichail ben BorisWednesday, April 25, 201810 Iyyar
TsinmanIda bas MoiseyMonday, April 23, 20188 Iyyar
TutunikGregory ben StanislavSunday, May 13, 201828 Iyyar
VaksmanAsya bas MosheMonday, April 30, 201815 Iyyar
VaynbergTzalill ben BoruchSaturday, May 5, 201820 Iyyar
VazhinskayaSvetlana bas VictorMonday, April 30, 201815 Iyyar
VekslerSonya bas MendelMonday, May 7, 201822 Iyyar
VinarevaDina bas AronThursday, May 10, 201825 Iyyar
VladimirVladimir ben ChalykSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
VladimirskayaChana bas SholomSunday, April 22, 20187 Iyyar
YakovYakov ben AharonMonday, May 14, 201829 Iyyar
YekhevichRaisa bas YosefWednesday, May 16, 20182 Sivan
YelperovichTsilya bas Tuesday, May 1, 201816 Iyyar
ZaborenkoDavid ben YakovSaturday, May 19, 20185 Sivan
ZaltzmanHuna ben AvrahamSaturday, May 5, 201820 Iyyar
ZhitzMoshe ben Yisroel VolfWednesday, May 2, 201817 Iyyar

Information about deceased Male Female Information about you

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the options below:

Make check to Heritage and mail it to
Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave. Chicago IL 60645
Call Heritage office at 773-973-1800
to provide a credit card information