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Anniversaries are natural occasions for remembrance. The anniversary of the passing of someone near and dear, the yahrzeit, is no exception. It evokes bittersweet emotions. Echoes of voices long silenced are still heard. Images of experiences once shared crowd in upon us. Smiling faces, never fully erased from our memory, capture our attention. Special gestures, special customs, special scenes are especially vivid on yahrzeit days. We relive pleasant occasions, and, sadly, relive times of sadness too. When it is possible to do so, we visit the graves of our loved ones at such times, allowing our stream of consciousness to join us to them through the miracle of memory.

But the yahrzeit of a person near and dear to us is more than just an occasion for sentiment and sadness. It reestablishes links, which transcend the passing of time, links that are forged by the ongoing acceptance of responsibility for those we love – even beyond the grave.

Our tradition maintains that the initial judgment of our loved ones takes place within twelve month of their passing. However, it also holds that the elevation of their souls at that time is not final. Through our continued commitment to our faith and our unceasing pursuit of good deeds, we help assure their continued progress through the heavenly spheres, enhancing their existence as they draw ever nearer to God – the Source of all existence. Our tradition also says that the spiritual progression of our beloved departed takes place in annual stages, and that their progress is determined on each yahrzeit.

Customs of observing Yahrzeit

A candle should burn in every residence where the yahrzeit is observed. It should be kindled in the evening, burn for the entire next day until it goes out on its own. Special “yahrzeit candles” are sold at Jewish book and food stores. Many people fast on the yahrzeit of their parents. It is customary to have a Memorial prayer recited in the synagogue. Try to visit the cemetery and recite special prayers. If possible, arrange a Torah study group at home on the day of yahrzeit. You should try to attend a synagogue and say Kadish on the day of the yahrzeit, or at least ask somebody to say Kadish on behalf of your grandmother. When saying Kadish you should have in mind the Jewish name and the father’s name of the deceased. Send donation in memory of the deceased.

Our Synagogue has Memorial Board with plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the Hebrew date of death.

If you need assistance in conducting a Yahrzeit service please contact our Synagogue.

Last NameHebrew NameDateHebrew Date
AltmanMaria bas ShayaThursday, November 9, 201720 Heshvan
ArenskyYelizaveta bas IsaakSaturday, October 21, 20171 Heshvan
BekerFanya ben GregoryThursday, November 16, 201727 Heshvan
BelsonSemyon ben AvrahamMonday, October 30, 201710 Heshvan
BerdichevskyMichail ben YisroelMonday, October 30, 201710 Heshvan
BermanLeika bas LeibSunday, November 19, 20171 Kislev
BorukhovichDevora bas FeivelThursday, November 16, 201727 Heshvan
BrodskiyIsrael ben MosheWednesday, October 25, 20175 Heshvan
BurdGershon Binyomi ben EliezerSunday, October 22, 20172 Heshvan
ChernovaAnna bas ChaimFriday, November 17, 201728 Heshvan
DinenzonGrigoriy ben IsaacWednesday, October 25, 20175 Heshvan
DrozdovSofia bas IosifSunday, November 5, 201716 Heshvan
DubinskiyYuriy ben DavidWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
ElkinAvraham ben YitzchokMonday, October 30, 201710 Heshvan
FilipovaLilia bas VelvelSunday, November 5, 201716 Heshvan
FurmanLyudmila bas BorisFriday, November 17, 201728 Heshvan
GalperAizik ben TevelSunday, October 29, 20179 Heshvan
GershmanChana bas LeibWednesday, November 1, 201712 Heshvan
GofmanManya bas AharonSunday, October 29, 20179 Heshvan
GofshteynSofia bas GirshSunday, October 22, 20172 Heshvan
GoldenbergIda bas MironThursday, November 2, 201713 Heshvan
IndmanSholom Ber ben Shlomo MeirSunday, November 19, 20171 Kislev
KaminskyAlik ben IosifSunday, November 5, 201716 Heshvan
KantorovichYakov ben IsaakWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
KatsYakov ben MoiseyMonday, November 13, 201724 Heshvan
KatsapRivka bas YosefTuesday, November 7, 201718 Heshvan
KatzTilia bas ShulimWednesday, November 15, 201726 Heshvan
KazakIta bas NochimWednesday, November 15, 201726 Heshvan
KazinetsSonya bas BerkoTuesday, November 7, 201718 Heshvan
KechkerAvraham ben YishayFriday, November 10, 201721 Heshvan
KipnisMichail ben Wednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
KnobelDavid ben MordechaiTuesday, October 24, 20174 Heshvan
KoganZhanna bas GregorySaturday, November 18, 201729 Heshvan
KupershtokVladimir ben YefimWednesday, November 1, 201712 Heshvan
KushnirRevekka bas YevseyTuesday, November 7, 201718 Heshvan
LadyzhenskayaBronya bas IsroelMonday, November 13, 201724 Heshvan
LevitMark ben YehudaSunday, November 19, 20171 Kislev
LormanElka bas Saturday, November 18, 201729 Heshvan
MironchukGregory ben SolomonSaturday, November 4, 201715 Heshvan
MogilnerVladimir ben ElyaMonday, November 20, 20172 Kislev
MonisovaRaisa bas AharonWednesday, October 25, 20175 Heshvan
MorozovYulian ben YosefWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
MuchnikEfraim ben IsraelFriday, November 17, 201728 Heshvan
NilevskayaSofiya bas BentzionSunday, October 22, 20172 Heshvan
NisnevichBerta bas IosifSunday, November 12, 201723 Heshvan
OlshanskayaNina bas YefimThursday, November 16, 201727 Heshvan
PetrashkoMikhail ben SamuilMonday, November 13, 201724 Heshvan
PikusElkon ben YosefThursday, November 16, 201727 Heshvan
PitetskaManya bas MosheSaturday, October 21, 20171 Heshvan
RabovitserAron ben Chaim LeibMonday, November 6, 201717 Heshvan
RadovskayaKlara bas YuzefFriday, November 10, 201721 Heshvan
RakhunovaKhana bas MoshkaWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
RobeySarah bas AharonSaturday, November 4, 201715 Heshvan
RubinIosif ben SamuilMonday, October 23, 20173 Heshvan
RyabayaZoya bas EliezerTuesday, November 7, 201718 Heshvan
RyaboyAharon ben BaruchTuesday, November 7, 201718 Heshvan
ShafranMusya bas AvrahamWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
ShapiroBinyomin ben YakovThursday, October 26, 20176 Heshvan
ShekhterMaks ben MoiseiFriday, October 20, 201730 Tishri
ShlainReizel bas YitschakWednesday, November 15, 201726 Heshvan
ShnaydershteynLev ben YonaWednesday, November 8, 201719 Heshvan
SkalrudEfraim ben ShulemWednesday, November 15, 201726 Heshvan
SlezbergFanya bas AronMonday, November 13, 201724 Heshvan
SorsherGenya bas SamuilMonday, November 6, 201717 Heshvan
SpektorTema Reiza bas MichailWednesday, October 25, 20175 Heshvan
SpektorVeniamin ben MarkTuesday, October 31, 201711 Heshvan
SverdlikRoza bas AvrahamFriday, November 17, 201728 Heshvan
TarasovReuven ben Gavsei MeirTuesday, October 24, 20174 Heshvan
TriliskayaSofia bas NislFriday, November 17, 201728 Heshvan
TsygenbardAnya bas AvrahamSunday, November 5, 201716 Heshvan
XYuri ben SheilakSunday, October 22, 20172 Heshvan
YankelevichPerlya bas GregorySunday, November 5, 201716 Heshvan
ZaidelDavid ben GershonMonday, November 6, 201717 Heshvan
ZaslavskyBella bas SolomonMonday, November 20, 20172 Kislev
ZemlinskyArkady ben YitzchakThursday, November 16, 201727 Heshvan

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If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the options below:

Make check to Heritage and mail it to
Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave. Chicago IL 60645
Call Heritage office at 773-973-1800
to provide a credit card information