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Anniversaries are natural occasions for remembrance. The anniversary of the passing of someone near and dear, the yahrzeit, is no exception. It evokes bittersweet emotions. Echoes of voices long silenced are still heard. Images of experiences once shared crowd in upon us. Smiling faces, never fully erased from our memory, capture our attention. Special gestures, special customs, special scenes are especially vivid on yahrzeit days. We relive pleasant occasions, and, sadly, relive times of sadness too. When it is possible to do so, we visit the graves of our loved ones at such times, allowing our stream of consciousness to join us to them through the miracle of memory.

But the yahrzeit of a person near and dear to us is more than just an occasion for sentiment and sadness. It reestablishes links, which transcend the passing of time, links that are forged by the ongoing acceptance of responsibility for those we love – even beyond the grave.

Our tradition maintains that the initial judgment of our loved ones takes place within twelve month of their passing. However, it also holds that the elevation of their souls at that time is not final. Through our continued commitment to our faith and our unceasing pursuit of good deeds, we help assure their continued progress through the heavenly spheres, enhancing their existence as they draw ever nearer to God – the Source of all existence. Our tradition also says that the spiritual progression of our beloved departed takes place in annual stages, and that their progress is determined on each yahrzeit.

Customs of observing Yahrzeit

A candle should burn in every residence where the yahrzeit is observed. It should be kindled in the evening, burn for the entire next day until it goes out on its own. Special “yahrzeit candles” are sold at Jewish book and food stores. Many people fast on the yahrzeit of their parents. It is customary to have a Memorial prayer recited in the synagogue. Try to visit the cemetery and recite special prayers. If possible, arrange a Torah study group at home on the day of yahrzeit. You should try to attend a synagogue and say Kadish on the day of the yahrzeit, or at least ask somebody to say Kadish on behalf of your grandmother. When saying Kadish you should have in mind the Jewish name and the father’s name of the deceased. Send donation in memory of the deceased.

Our Synagogue has Memorial Board with plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the Hebrew date of death.

If you need assistance in conducting a Yahrzeit service please contact our Synagogue.

Last NameHebrew NameDateHebrew Date
AbramovZevulun ben Yechiel TzviWednesday, November 24, 202120 Kislev
AlshteynMaria bas BorisFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
AmusinLeib ben ZalmanFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
BarashMoshe ben NutaThursday, November 18, 202114 Kislev
BekerFanya bas GregoryTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
BerdichevskyPolina bas IosifSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
BergerBoris ben RuvimFriday, November 5, 20211 Kislev
BermanLeika bas LeibFriday, November 5, 20211 Kislev
BirmanFelix ben NaumFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
BoguslavskyVladimir ben GershSaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
BoguslavskyMark ben MichailSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
BolotinVladimir ben YosefSunday, November 21, 202117 Kislev
BorukhovichDevora bas FeivelTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
BraginskyLuba bas MoiseiSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
BrilIsroel ben YosefSunday, November 21, 202117 Kislev
BritvaEsther bas ZalmanThursday, October 28, 202122 Heshvan
BrodetskyAnna bas IosifFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
ChernobilskyAnshel ben BentzionSaturday, November 27, 202123 Kislev
ChernovaAnna bas ChaimWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
ChernyYuri ben SergeiThursday, November 18, 202114 Kislev
ChernyavskiyMark ben DavidFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
ChervinskayaDoba bas ShayaSaturday, November 27, 202123 Kislev
ChitmanRoma ben EliezerThursday, November 11, 20217 Kislev
DimentChaim ben NaumSunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
DvorkinMarat ben ZinoviySunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
DymarskiyChaim ben EliezerSunday, November 21, 202117 Kislev
EntinaNisan bas NisanWednesday, November 10, 20216 Kislev
EydelmanRaisa bas MendelWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
EydelsteinVladimir ben MoiseySaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
FeldfuksAvraham ben YitzchakThursday, November 25, 202121 Kislev
FeldmanFaina bas IosifFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
FishYenta bas EliezerSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
FligelHersh ben ElyaMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev
FradkinYakov ben YitzchokSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
FridEsfir bas YitzchokTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
FridbergGalina bas LevThursday, November 18, 202114 Kislev
FurmanLyudmila bas BorisWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
GershgorinaChana bas AvrahamSunday, November 14, 202110 Kislev
GleizerLeyba bas DavidWednesday, November 10, 20216 Kislev
GleizerTzvi Hirsch ben YaakovThursday, November 11, 20217 Kislev
GluzmanVera bas YefimThursday, November 25, 202121 Kislev
GokhmanDvorah bas BentzionFriday, November 19, 202115 Kislev
GoldenbergIlya ben AbramTuesday, November 23, 202119 Kislev
GoldensteinOleg ben MichailTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
GorelikPolina bas BoruchTuesday, November 23, 202119 Kislev
GorubinaTamara bas SolomonFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
IgnatyevAyelet bas GregoryTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
IndmanSholom Ber ben Shlomo MeirFriday, November 5, 20211 Kislev
KanevskiyMichail ben DavidFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
KarasikAnna bas LevThursday, November 11, 20217 Kislev
KatsYakov ben MoiseySaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
KatzTilia bas ShulimMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
Katz MilitsakhChana bas GershonSunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
KatzmanAnna bas YefimMonday, November 22, 202118 Kislev
KazakIta bas NochimMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
KazakevichPerl bas MironWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
KharchenkoEudard ben SofaSunday, November 14, 202110 Kislev
KhoroshevskayaSofia bas LeonidMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev
KlempertLuba bas HatzkelFriday, November 19, 202115 Kislev
KoganZhanna bas GregoryThursday, November 4, 202129 Heshvan
KoganFeiga bas NuchimTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
KoganFrima bas ShlomoSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
KokotovYakov ben LeibSaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
KolodiznerVladimir ben YissacharFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
KottelVladimir ben YuriWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
KrichevskayaZina bas OsipWednesday, November 24, 202120 Kislev
KrugmanRachel bas MendelFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
KryskivIvan ben PetrThursday, October 28, 202122 Heshvan
KurtsmanYakov ben AronMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev
KutsenokLeonid ben IosifTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
KuzminskayaLeah bas LazarFriday, November 5, 20211 Kislev
LadyzhenskayaBronya bas IsroelSaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
LevinaDora bas ChaimTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
LevitMark ben YehudaFriday, November 5, 20211 Kislev
LeybovichChaya Sarah bas NisanMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
LeykinaBella bas DovidMonday, November 8, 20214 Kislev
LitichevskyAvraham ben BoruchSaturday, November 27, 202123 Kislev
LormanElka bas Thursday, November 4, 202129 Heshvan
MalinSamuil ben MarkTuesday, November 9, 20215 Kislev
MashkevichLyudmila bas Avraham YankelSunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
MikhalevichReiza bas YosefTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
MintsisAbram ben ZinoviyWednesday, November 10, 20216 Kislev
MironchukSolomon ben DavidSunday, November 14, 202110 Kislev
MiroshnikDamira bas LeontiyWednesday, November 24, 202120 Kislev
MogilnerVladimir ben ElyaSaturday, November 6, 20212 Kislev
MovirerFreida bas NaumWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
MuchnikEfraim ben IsraelWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
NechaminaGolda bas ZalmanTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
NemirovskayaGita bas IosifThursday, November 4, 202129 Heshvan
NisnevichBerta bas IosifFriday, October 29, 202123 Heshvan
OlshanskayaNina bas YefimTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
OrlikManya bas BoruchFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
OstromogilskiyIsrael ben BinyominWednesday, November 10, 20216 Kislev
PasynkovaSvetlana bas DmitriySaturday, November 6, 20212 Kislev
PetrashkoMikhail ben SamuilSaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
PikusElkon ben YosefTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
PolischukYechiel ben EfraimSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
PolishchukYelena bas LeahThursday, November 11, 20217 Kislev
PolonskiyShepsel ben EfraimSaturday, November 6, 20212 Kislev
PravnikRevecca bas IsaySunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
PrimilskiyChaim ben MendelSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
RaykhmanSemen ben SolomonThursday, November 11, 20217 Kislev
RozbamLeib ben NusyaTuesday, November 9, 20215 Kislev
RubinskayaChasya bas YevsieyWednesday, November 10, 20216 Kislev
SadovskyAlla bas GenadySunday, November 14, 202110 Kislev
SaplitskisYuden ben LipaSunday, November 21, 202117 Kislev
ShapiroKhariton ben PinchasSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
ShermanSima bas ShmuelSunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
ShlafshteynMikhail ben AvrahamMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev
ShlainReizel bas YitschakMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
ShmelevichYakov ben ZundelSunday, November 21, 202117 Kislev
ShnaidsteinLilia bas IosifFriday, November 19, 202115 Kislev
ShulruferAlexander ben SamuelFriday, November 12, 20218 Kislev
ShvartsIgor ben YefimTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
SinelnikovaRoza bas IsaacFriday, October 29, 202123 Heshvan
SkalrudEfraim ben ShulemMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
SlezbergFanya bas AronSaturday, October 30, 202124 Heshvan
SokiryanskyAvraham ben MeirSaturday, November 27, 202123 Kislev
SolomonovShlomo ben ShayaWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
StammAron ben IsaakMonday, November 1, 202126 Heshvan
SukenikHenya bas TevyeWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
SutinaDina bas SemenSunday, November 28, 202124 Kislev
SverdlikRoza bas AvrahamWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
TabaynikMark bas MoiseiTuesday, November 9, 20215 Kislev
TarasovaMusya bas Govsey MeirMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev
TokarskiyMoshe ben YitzchakFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
TriliskayaSofia bas NislWednesday, November 3, 202128 Heshvan
VardinLeonid ben IsaySunday, October 31, 202125 Heshvan
VaynshteynFanya bas ShmuelFriday, November 19, 202115 Kislev
VaysmanNaum ben IsaakWednesday, November 17, 202113 Kislev
VelednitskiyIsaak ben TevelTuesday, November 23, 202119 Kislev
VerchenkoVera bas MichailSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
VernikShlomo ben YitzchokFriday, November 26, 202122 Kislev
VishnevaManya bas DovidMonday, November 22, 202118 Kislev
YanovskyRoza bas YakovSunday, November 7, 20213 Kislev
ZaleznyakDovid ben YakovTuesday, November 23, 202119 Kislev
ZalkindIrina bas BorisFriday, October 29, 202123 Heshvan
ZaretskayaDoba bas ZorachTuesday, November 16, 202112 Kislev
ZaslavskyBella bas SolomonSaturday, November 6, 20212 Kislev
ZeldichDavid ben MironSaturday, November 20, 202116 Kislev
ZemlinskyArkady ben YitzchakTuesday, November 2, 202127 Heshvan
ZutmanOlga bas MordechaiMonday, November 15, 202111 Kislev

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If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the options below:

Make check to Heritage and mail it to
Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave. Chicago IL 60645
Call Heritage office at 773-973-1800
to provide a credit card information