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This week's Torah reading

Ki Sisa

Moshe conducts a census by counting each silver half-shekel donated by all men, age twenty and over. Moshe is commanded to make a copper laver for the Mishkan _ the women donate the necessary metal. The formula of the anointing oil is specified, and HaShem instructs Moshe to use this oil only for dedicating the Mishkan, its vessels, and Aharon and his sons. HaShem selects Betsalel and Oholi’av to be the master craftsmen for the Mishkan and its vessels.

The Jewish People are commanded to keep the Sabbath as an eternal sign that HaShem made the world. Moshe receives the two Tablets of Testimony on which are written the Ten Commandments. The mixed multitude that left Egypt with the Jewish People panic when Moshe's descent seems delayed and force Aharon to make a golden calf for them to worship.

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