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Building our heritage

We’re raising money to build a new home for our Russian speaking Jewish community of Chicago. To make this dream a reality, In addition to our main 3 Million dollar campaign with 83% raised, we’ve set up this campaign with a goal of $100,000.

With your help, Heritage Russian Jewish Congregation can reach this goal and create a beautiful spiritual, social and educational Center for our families - for you!

Big things are built one brick at a time. Help us meet our goal! Donate $1,000 to sponsor a brick, or any amount will make a difference!

v For PayPal and credit card donation use this button:  DONATE

v For Zelle payments use email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

v To send a check, make it to Heritage, and mail to: Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago IL 60645 

Dedication opportunities for our new Synagogue

Name of Building $1,000,000.00 taken
Main Sanctuary dedication $500,000.00  
Small Sanctuary / Ezras Nashim dedication $360,000.00  
Aron Kodesh (Main Sanctuary) $360,000.00  
Social Hall 1 $250,000.00  
Social Hall 2 $250,000.00  
Aron Kodesh (Small Sanctuary) $180,000.00  
Lobby dedication $180,000.00  
Entrance dedication Touhy Ave. $100,000.00  
Entrance dedication Francisco Ave. $100,000.00  
Kitchen $100,000.00  
Mezanine social hall $100,000.00  
Children's room $54,000.00  
Bima (Main Sanctuary) $54,000.00  
Ner Tamid (Main sanctuary) $36,000.00  
Front door Mezuza (Touhy) $36,000.00  
Front door Mezuza (Francisco) $36,000.00 taken
Bima (Small Sanctuary) $36,000.00  
Library collection $36,000.00  
Baal Tefila Amud (Main Sanctuary) $30,000.00 taken
Mechitzah $30,000.00 taken
Podium (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00  
Paroches-curtain (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00 taken
Bima cover (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00 taken
Main Sanctuary Mezuza $25,000.00 taken
Baal Tefila Amud (Small Sanctuary) $20,000.00  
Ner Tamid (Small sanctuary) $18,000.00  
Paroches -curtain (Small Sanctuary) $18,000.00 taken
Conference room $18,000.00  
Small Sanctuary Mezuza $18,000.00  
Banquet Hall 1 entrance Mezuza $18,000.00  
Banquet Hall 2 entrance Mezuza $18,000.00  
Rabbi's office $18,000.00  
Children's room books $15,000.00  
Bima cover (Small Sanctuary) $15,000.00  
Children's room toys $10,000.00  
Washing station $10,000.00 taken
Rabbi's shtender (Main Sanctuary) $10,000.00  
Assistant Rabbi's shtender (Main Sanctuary) $10,000.00  
Rabbi's shtender (Small Sanctuary) $8,000.00  
Assistant Rabbi's shtender (Small Sanctuary) $8,000.00  
Bookcases (each) $7,200.00  
Rabbi's office mezuza $5,000.00 taken
Gate Touhy mezuza $3,000.00  
Gate Francisco mezuza $3,000.00  
Conference room mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Hallway mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Kitchen mezuza 1 $1,000.00 taken
Kitchen mezuza 2 $1,000.00 taken
Kids room 1 mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Kids room 2 mezuza $1,000.00 taken


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Groundbreaking ceremony

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Laying foundation

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