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Building our heritage

We’re raising money to build a new home for our Russian speaking Jewish community of Chicago. To make this dream a reality, In addition to our main 3 Million dollar campaign with 83% raised, we’ve set up this campaign with a goal of $100,000.

With your help, Heritage Russian Jewish Congregation can reach this goal and create a beautiful spiritual, social and educational Center for our families - for you!

Big things are built one brick at a time. Help us meet our goal! Donate $1,000 to sponsor a brick, or any amount will make a difference!

v For PayPal and credit card donation use this button:  DONATE

v For Zelle payments use email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

v To send a check, make it to Heritage, and mail to: Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago IL 60645 

Dedication opportunities for our new Synagogue

Name of Building $1,000,000.00 taken
Main Sanctuary dedication $500,000.00  
Small Sanctuary / Ezras Nashim dedication $360,000.00  
Aron Kodesh (Main Sanctuary) $360,000.00  
Social Hall 1 $250,000.00  
Social Hall 2 $250,000.00  
Aron Kodesh (Small Sanctuary) $180,000.00  
Lobby dedication $180,000.00  
Entrance dedication Touhy Ave. $100,000.00  
Entrance dedication Francisco Ave. $100,000.00  
Kitchen $100,000.00  
Mezanine social hall $100,000.00  
Children's room $54,000.00  
Bima (Main Sanctuary) $54,000.00  
Ner Tamid (Main sanctuary) $36,000.00  
Front door Mezuza (Touhy) $36,000.00  
Front door Mezuza (Francisco) $36,000.00 taken
Bima (Small Sanctuary) $36,000.00  
Library collection $36,000.00  
Baal Tefila Amud (Main Sanctuary) $30,000.00 taken
Mechitzah $30,000.00 taken
Podium (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00  
Paroches-curtain (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00 taken
Bima cover (Main Sanctuary) $25,000.00 taken
Main Sanctuary Mezuza $25,000.00 taken
Baal Tefila Amud (Small Sanctuary) $20,000.00  
Ner Tamid (Small sanctuary) $18,000.00  
Paroches -curtain (Small Sanctuary) $18,000.00 taken
Conference room $18,000.00  
Small Sanctuary Mezuza $18,000.00  
Banquet Hall 1 entrance Mezuza $18,000.00  
Banquet Hall 2 entrance Mezuza $18,000.00  
Rabbi's office $18,000.00  
Children's room books $15,000.00  
Bima cover (Small Sanctuary) $15,000.00  
Children's room toys $10,000.00  
Washing station $10,000.00 taken
Rabbi's shtender (Main Sanctuary) $10,000.00  
Assistant Rabbi's shtender (Main Sanctuary) $10,000.00  
Rabbi's shtender (Small Sanctuary) $8,000.00  
Assistant Rabbi's shtender (Small Sanctuary) $8,000.00  
Bookcases (each) $7,200.00  
Rabbi's office mezuza $5,000.00 taken
Gate Touhy mezuza $3,000.00  
Gate Francisco mezuza $3,000.00  
Conference room mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Hallway mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Kitchen mezuza 1 $1,000.00 taken
Kitchen mezuza 2 $1,000.00 taken
Kids room 1 mezuza $1,000.00 taken
Kids room 2 mezuza $1,000.00 taken


Summer Camp

Camp Nageela Midwest Mission.

Founded in 2007 as part of the national Nageela camping movement

Camp Nageela Midwest has quickly risen to the top, in the world of Jewish overnight camps. Boys and girls grades 3-11 find their place in Camp Nageela Midwest through the warm and welcoming environment that is felt from the moment they step onto the camp grounds. Our gender specific experience creates a low-pressure environment that allows the joyous and adventurous spirit of our campers to shine with all its strength.

All meals and snacks in Camp Nageela Midwest are strictly kosher and a traditional Shabbat is celebrated and enjoyed by our campers - regardless of their observance at home. Nageela Midwest campers return home after a camp session with a rejuvenated sense of Jewish pride. 

Nageela Midwest staff members are chosen for their passion in encouraging children to have fun and develop their individual strengths. Our staff practice Traditional Jewish observance and live by its values of caring, warmth, and joy of living. Campers connect with their staff and develop lifelong role models and friends.

Camp Nageela Midwest is a project of the national Nageela Joyfully Jewish Experiences camping movement. Nageela! Bringing fun to your summer, joy to your life!

Camp Nageela Midwest is located in Marshall, IN

General Office 3542 W. PETERSON AVE CHICAGO, IL 60659
P: 773-604-4400
F: 773-604-4405
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Summer Office 4215 E. LANDRY LANE MARSHALL, IN 47859
P: 765-597-2272 F: 765-597-2572
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.