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I accidentally placed a very hot bowl filled with chicken soup on top of some pieces of grated cheese that somebody had left on the table. Now what? 


When it comes to transferring flavors from meat to dairy, it all depends on heat. If a cold piece of steak collides with a cold piece of cheese, you can simply wash them off well. Whereas if they were both hot, then the flavors transfer from one to another and they would both be Treif. The halachic definition for a hot item is if it is Yad Soledes Bo (110 degrees). If the steak was hot and the cheese was cold, then it gets a bit tricky. 

In such a scenario, the Gemara tells us that since heat rises, everything depends on whether the hot item was on top or on bottom. If the hot steak was on the bottom, then it has the ability to heat up the cold piece of cheese placed on top of it and they would both become completely Treif. 

If the hot steak was placed on top of the cold cheese then the heat of the steak will not go downward, therefore, the cheese is still Halachically considered cold. In this scenario, both items remain Kosher, however, one must remove a thin layer from the cheese and the meat at the point of contact. Since ultimately there was some heat, we have to assume there was at least a minimal transfer of flavors at the point where they touched.  

Getting back to our scenario, since the cold cheese was on the bottom we would only have to be concerned about the point of contact - in this case, the bowl - therefore, the chicken soup itself is still Kosher. 

However, being that the fleishig hot bowl touched cheese there is a question if it needs to be kashered. This will depend on how it was heated. If the bowl was heated to Yad Soledes Bo (110 degrees) in a microwave directly then it would need to be kashered. If you simply put hot soup into the bowl, resulting in the bowl getting hot to 110 degrees through the hot soup, then the bowl is considered a Kli Sheini and it would not need to be kashered. 

To send in a question, call or text Rabbi Agishtein at 973-545-6756 or email him directly at acagishtein@gmail.com. 

Weekly Torah
Fleeing from Esav, Yaakov leaves Beersheva and sets out towards Haran, the home of his mother`s family. After a fourteen year stopover in the Yeshivah of Shem and Ever, he resumes his journey and comes to Mount Moriyah, the place where his father Yitschak was brought as an offering, and the future site of the Beyt HaMikdash.

He lays down to sleep and has a prophetic dream of angels ascending and descending on a ladder between heaven and earth. HaShem promises him the Land of Israel; that he will father a great nation; and he will be guarded by Divine protection everywhere. Yaakov awakes and vows to build an altar there and tithe all that he will receive.

Then he travels to Haran and meets his cousin Rachel at the well. He arranges with her father, Lavan, to work seven years for her hand in marriage, but Lavan deceives Yaakov, and substitutes Rachel`s elder sister, Leah. He then commits himself to work another seven years in order to also marry Rachel. Leah bears him four sons - Reuven, Shimon, Levi and Yehudah - the first of the Tribes of Israel. Rachel is jealous that she cannot conceive, and gives her handmaiden Bilhah to Yaakov. Bilhah bears Dan and Naftali. Leah also gives Yaakov her handmaiden Zilpah, and she bears Gad and Asher. Leah now gives birth to Yisachar, Zevulun, and a daughter, Dinah. HaShem finally blesses Rachel with a son, Yosef.

Yaakov decides to leave Lavan, but Lavan, aware of how much wealth Yaakov has made for him, is reluctant to let him go, and concludes a contract of employment with him. Lavan tries again to swindle Yaakov, but is unsuccessful, and Yaakov becomes extremely wealthy. Twenty years later, Yaakov, aware that Lavan has become resentful of his wealth, takes advantage of his father-in-law`s temporary absence, and flees with his family. Lavan pursues them but is warned by HaShem not to harm them. A covenant is agreed upon by Yaakov and Lavan, and Lavan returns home. Yaakov continues on his way to face his brother Esav.


Shabbos Information

This week`s Torah chapter is Vayetze

This Friday, December 2

Candle lighting will be at 4:01 PM

Mincha will be at 4:05 PM

Shabbos, December 3

Shabbos Morning class by Rabbi Zaslavsky will be at 8:30 AM

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Heritage kids program will be from 9:30 AM to 11 AM

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Dear Heritage families,

This year we are planning a Chanukah party for our shul and for the rest of the Russian Community.

Please, save the date: Sunday, December 25 at Heritage

Details to follow!